Monday, January 6, 2014

The One Thing...

I finally found one thing I want to do with jEdit that I can't find a plugin for.  Well okay, two things now that I think of it.

There is a plugin called Outline, which displays your document's folds in a tree view for easier navigtion through large documents.  Now that I know such a thing is possible, I desperately want a similar plugin which will show markdown headings in a similar tree view. I bet it'd be a cinch to write, if I knew anything about writing code or plugins.

The second wish is that jEdit would save a backup upon each autosave. Looking at the settings, I sort of assumed that's how it would work. I have an innate distrust of any file syncing service after I've had so many files eaten or reverted without reason by so many of them.  I have autosaves set up in an interval of every 30 seconds, and a unique backup file created with every save.  Alas, it doesn't create a backup file for each autosave. Only on manual saves, which is a little disappointing. I'll just have to step up my frequency of "real" saves. It'll take me back to my days of video editing, where every program in our pipeline could and would crash for any or no reason.


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