Saturday, January 25, 2014

I've got a definition of insanity for you:

Trying to build a program from source when it's already in your OS's repository. Oh my goodness do I feel dumb.  I really spent quite a lot of time trying (and failing) to this build script to run, including installing a lot of build dependencies I ultimately didn't need.

The funny part is, before I moved on to my netbook I had just installed the same app on my laptop, which I've just put Linux on (Lubuntu, which I love times a million if only because it shares a lot of shortcuts with Windows).  I'm so used to ARM Ubuntu getting the short end of the app stick I didn't even try apt-getting it.  I was knee deep in troubleshooting this fairly recent install script when figured, if someone wrote a script to automate the build, surely there's a deb or something floating around.  I did another web search and found that people were talking about a build target in fact existing for ARM processors.

Side note for future David, why did I install Xubuntu and not Lubuntu on my Chromebook?  Surely Crouton has a Lubuntu option.  I'll have to look into that the next time I re-stage it.

Then sheepishly, I remembered that I installed it from the repo on my laptop.  I typed in the same apt-get string and it worked.  I'm assuming it fully worked, but I'm still waiting for some software on the laptop to finish installing.  Well, re-installing.  System Administration's a pain in the ass if you (meaning me) can't be bothered to remember your (my) password.  Yes, this process is relating to my issue with Bittorrent Sync.  No, I won't talk about it yet.  Not until I actually have something to report.

Til then,


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