Friday, January 3, 2014

jEdit wins again

So jEdit has some problems.  It's gotten a little buggy on my every now and again, and some shortcuts are a bit hard to figure out how to actually use, but I like it and it's still my text editor of choice.

I re-stage (wipe and re-install everything) my computers regularly.  This was a Windows habit that came about partially due to fear of viruses (think I see a sign of a viral infection, wipe Windows and re-install it) and also because of the inevitable slowdown that resulted from running a Windows install for too long.  (I don't see that slowdown in Windows 7, btw, and haven't re-staged my Win7 pcs in a while)  I suppose another reason is I have a habit of installing a dozen programs before I find something I like (see my quest to find a text editor, only partially documented here).  I end up with a cluttered PC because I don't delete them once I've moved on (a habit I've since adopted, keeping only the apps I need on my PCs and phones).

Anyway, I just re-staged my Samsung Arm Chromebook, which I'm officially now calling a netbook.  It's a good piece of hardware, but if I couldn't install Ubuntu on it it would be completely worthless to me as a work device.  ChromeOS itself is the least appealing thing about it, though more on that in a possible blog post in the future.  For my purposes and configuration, I'm going to stop lying to myself and all of you good people.  It's a netbook.

It's a little silly to say I've re-staged a Chromebook, because the thing is perpetually wiped, if I understand it correctly.  All your stuff is saved in the cloud, and only brought forth once you log into your Google account.  A commendable effort and a good reaction to online malware, but worthless for my purposes if I can't install proper apps as opposed to web apps (no offense).  No, I re-staged the Ubuntu part.  Being a chroot, I was able to easily delete and re-installed it.  I did this for two reasons:

1)  An annoying mouse cursor flicker that I was hoping would be fixed.  It isn't, but I can deal with it.

2) BTSync was messing up.  It was only messing up on my Chromebook, and I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and see it was because of something wrong in my Ubuntu install.  For instance, if I hypothetically installed the server version of BTSync, then installed the client version on the same device, and perhaps due to auto-running on start they might conflict with each other and cause strange behavior.  Hypothetically.

And success!  Re-installing BTSync, correctly this time, did see it working right.  Who knew?

I've now been going through the boring and frustrating task of setting Ubuntu back up like I like it.  That means setting up global shortcuts, installing all my apps (really easy, just name them all after apt-get install), and worst of all, configuring all my apps.

The program that requires the most configuration is, by far, jEdit.  But it's also the easiest to reinstate.  Just backup the .jedit folder from your home folder, and paste it into your new install.  Run jEdit and it's exactly like you left it.  Exactly, like the same files are opened and everything.

So that's why jEdit wins.  Yes, it did take me quite a while to get at that point.  What do you want, I'm stalling.  I should be doing real work right now.  Right now, like right this moment.  I should just publish this post, and get to doing real work that I have to do as part of by job.

Like, any minute now.  Any minute.


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