Thursday, May 30, 2013


Max Scoville just posted the second episode of "Max Scoville's Study Hall", a series in which he talks about a game, it's influences, and similar works across art forms.

In this episode, he briefly mentions that Boba Fett originally was a cop who was fired for killing his corrupt commanding officer and became a bounty hunter.  Of course, in Star Wars Episode 2 he's retconned into a clone and it's stupid and even though I care less and less about Star Wars with each passing day, it still kind of pisses me off at how much that one change has worsened the character.

That in mind, here's a nice reaction:

Two reasons I'll read YouTube comments, by the way:

1) If there's a song in the video that I want identified.

2) If I think the creator is going to respond to comments.

Scoville's comments definitely made it worth the delve.

Friday, May 17, 2013

That was quick. (Frozen Synapse)

So I knew that the awesome Frozen Synapse was coming to Android "soon" after the iPad version. I did not know that soon meant by the end of May. Some of my surprise is because they've been talking about the iPad version being in the works for a while, while merely adding that an Android port could be an eventual possibility.

Frozen Synapse is a great simultaneous turn-based strategy game. I don't tend to like strategy games, but I love Frozen Synapse. One of it's best bits is how it lets you move your enemy pieces about and test different engagement scenarios before committing to a move.

I really hope it lets me install and at least try to play it on my Note 2. I can read comics on this thing, I should be able to play this game with little issue.

By the way, developers need to take note of this port. The game is nearly feature complete (the iPad version missing IRC functionality, no big deal). You can play with people on any other platform (iPad, Android, PC, etc).

I know that you couldn't run the newest Call of Duty for instance on an Android phone, nor would you really want to. However, as mobile devices become more common they'll also (coincidentally) become more powerful. Every Android device nowadays has a HDMI port, doesn't it? Developers need to start thinking about how to make their games play nice with all these platforms, yeah?