Thursday, May 30, 2013


Max Scoville just posted the second episode of "Max Scoville's Study Hall", a series in which he talks about a game, it's influences, and similar works across art forms.

In this episode, he briefly mentions that Boba Fett originally was a cop who was fired for killing his corrupt commanding officer and became a bounty hunter.  Of course, in Star Wars Episode 2 he's retconned into a clone and it's stupid and even though I care less and less about Star Wars with each passing day, it still kind of pisses me off at how much that one change has worsened the character.

That in mind, here's a nice reaction:

Two reasons I'll read YouTube comments, by the way:

1) If there's a song in the video that I want identified.

2) If I think the creator is going to respond to comments.

Scoville's comments definitely made it worth the delve.

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