Saturday, January 4, 2014

Steam Sale

Didn't get much from the Steam Christmas sale this time, mostly because I was fairly flush throughout the year and I bought a lot of games as they came out.  I had my usual list of games to buy, though it was miniscule compared to previous years (on it was Paper's Please, Wolf Among Us, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, I forget the others).  I also had my eye on Rayman Legends, though it never went on sale.  I bought it anyway.

I bought Rayman Legends, and now it's sitting, fully installed, on my computer.  And I'm sitting here, mostly working.  There's a little ticking countdown inside of me that I'm mildly aware of.  At some point, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I'm going to drop everything, run to my computer, fire up that game and crank the volume way up.

And it's going to be super fucking fun.

That is all,


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