Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shift Lock Sorted (Android Bluetooth Keyboard)

So I had a big Android post brewing, talking up a storm about some of the big and surprising problems with Android.  In particular I was going to talk about the deplorable keyboard support.  Gingerbread had some shift lock issues, meaning if you accidentally hit the Shift key twice you were in CAPS LOCK.  It also didn't act correctly when you held the Control key and pressed an arrow key (the cursor wouldn't skip words).

Yet another issue, Gingerbread didn't recognize my external keyboard's delete key.

Well, that post was scrapped a while ago, once I loaded Android 4.0 (ICS) onto my phone.  ICS handles all those things just fine. Moving the cursor while holding CTRL acts like it should.  The delete key is recognized. That dreaded Shift lock is no more.  All fixed.

The only problem so far, and I literally just ran into this, is that the backspace key won't work if the Shift key is held.  Not a big deal, just a tiny issue.

If you're currently running Gingerbread I can't tell you how to fix most of those problems without upgrading.  I do know how to get rid of the awful Shift lock.  Download the free and awesome MultiLing keyboard, go into Settings, and let it handle the hardware keyboard.  Shift lock sorted, even on Gingerbread.


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