Monday, August 13, 2012

Co-Op TF2?

According to Steam, which can be spotty in reporting this particular metric, I have played Team Fortress 2 for 194 hours.  That's probably about right.

Look, I'd like to have played more Left 4 Dead 2, the four-player zombie survival game.  I have never been good enough at it to play it online with strangers, and it's no fun playing it alone to get better.  All my gamer friends play it on a console, but I'm primarily a PC gamer--even though I did buy Left 4 Dead (1) for the 360 to play with one of my roommates.  We only played it a few times (I got a job, actually, and that interfered a lot with our playing), the whole experience just further proving how awful I was at it.

Apparently I kept upsetting some witch or something, though how I was supposed to know there was a witch there, or that I was supposed to turn off my light when my friend turned off his light...I would just need a lot more time with it in order to play with potentially critical strangers, okay?

So anyway:  Team Fortress 2 Co-Op mode?  Wait a minute...wait a minute...that's flipping great!  I'm halfway decent at that game!

What do you know, once again, TF2 drags me back kicking and screaming--and giggling...

...IN HORROR!!!!!


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