Friday, December 20, 2013

Google is getting really annoying

I'm still mulling over writing a blog post on my hatred for Youtube's name hysteria, which I think is a reasonable reaction for me to have considering I've never posted any videos to Youtube nor have I ever commented on a video.  Constantly hounding me over which name is displayed when all I want to do is watch a video someone linked to me is very, very annoying.  I don't even want a Youtube account, it got tacked onto the Google one.

And now I'm playing with settings in a test blog.  Every time I go to edit a Page however, I keep getting the pop-up pictured above.  At least a half-dozen times.  Maybe I need to click "learn more" to get it to go away permanently, I don't know. What I do know is it's really annoying, especially because the account I'm logged in under doesn't have a Google+ account.

"Hey person who went out of his way to turn off his Google+ account, you can mention people on Google+ from your blog!"

Just once is annoying and disappointing enough, though partially expected nowadays as Google seems determined to be one of the bad guys.  Presumably unlimited nagging for someone who doesn't even have a Google+ account?  I think I've already made a comparison between this type of thing and GoDaddy's design and behavior.  I'm not planning an exodus yet, but I am going to start looking for other hosting arrangements.  You can't beat free, which Blogger is, but paying a few bucks a month might beat putting up with slowly shittening service.

BTW - I just tried clicking "Learn more."  Made no difference.  Still get the pop-up.  In fact, the linked page tells me I can't use this feature without a Google+ account.  Hey Google, Facebook built up it's user base by creating a service those people wanted.  I don't fucking want Google+ (or Facebook for that matter).  Stop being a dick about it.


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