Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oni Press and Valiant comics are now DRM-free on Comixology!

Oni Press, publisher of Scott Pilgrim and Stumptown, among other series, is now DRM free on Comixology!  I'm sure at least within the last few weeks I was looking at a couple of their books, One Soul and The People Inside, and saw that they were DRM restricted. I bookmarked them anyway.  I don't even remember what title I was looking at, but I just stumbled across some book that was DRM-free and then saw it was on Oni, so there you go!

Valiant is DRM-free too!  They've participated in a Humble Comics Bundle recently so I figured they might be likely to open their catalog up on Comixology.  Just checked it myself and there they are, DRM-free.

So even more sources of great books are now available DRM free.  A few side notes:

Boom! Studios participated in a Humble Comic Sale where they offered select titles DRM-free but their catalog is still DRM-restricted on Comixology.  Via their web sites' contact form I asked them if they were planning to offer their titles DRM free on Comixology but never heard back from them.  Too bad, I'd kind of like to keep up with Lumberjanes, and there's a few other series that I'd like to get into.

As I reported earlier, someone from Dynamite Comics did email me back immediately to say their whole catalog was going DRM-free, however I haven't noticed any new series being DRM-free yet, and new issues that have come out recently also aren't DRM-free.  Who knows what's holding them up?

To reiterate:  I'm not buying paper comics anymore.  I don't have the space for it, I don't like moving them from one apartment to another, it kind of feels wasteful to me, I'd imagine that publishers make less money off paper comics, and I like having my entire library on a digital device versus carrying half a dozen trades around with me in a backpack.  I'm also not downloading comics illegally.  If I can't get it legally I'm not getting it at all.  It sucks, there are a lot of great titles out there I'd like to be reading and supporting.  Many of them are available on Comixology, restricted by DRM.  Sorry, I don't particularly like Comixology's app, I don't always have access to the internet, I don't like being treated like a criminal by default and I'd like to have backup copies of my purchases in case Comixology goes under or is hacked or is sold or any of dozens of other things that could happen resulting in these cloud comics going up in a poof of vapor.


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