Friday, July 25, 2014

Um, is Dynamite DRM-free?

Edit:  I reached out to Dynamite Comics and they said they plan to offer all their titles as DRM-free, but it's an ongoing process.

I've already written at length about select publishers on Comixology going DRM-free.  Dynamite was announced as one of them.  Well I was checking out Dynamite's catalog, planning on grabbing Gail Simone's Red Sonya run.  Then I saw Ennis and Robertson's The Boys is on Dynamite too.  Hmm.  I figured my bank account would never recover.  Then I looked for that little icon signifying a DRM-free copy would be made available and it wasn't there.  These Dynamite titles don't seem to be DRM-free.

That's okay, maybe they're not participating due to being older titles or licensed works, yeah?  There were some books on Top Shelf that weren't DRM-free either.  So I went through and clicked randomly on Dynamite titles.  Maybe five or so books per store page, I don't have time to check every title.

Not one of them was marked as DRM free.  Is this a work in progress, or did they just get all this extra publicity at ComiCon for having a mere handful of DRM-free titles?

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it's a work in progress.  The Green Hornet run that was on one of the Humble Bundle sales (DRM-free) wasn't DRM-free on Comixology (unless I mixed up the volumes, I don't read it so that's possible).

So once again people, keep an eye out, make sure a book is DRM-free before you buy it regardless of publisher (but so far Image seems to be consistently DRM-free, as one would expect).

Of course this is why it would be nice to be able to browse only DRM-free books, to see what's really on offer without getting excited and then becoming disappointed.  In the meantime I've got some of the books wish-listed, I'll keep an eye on their digital rights status.


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