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Madman Digital Chronology (Comixology)

Now that I can get a much larger selection of Image's catalog DRM-free through Comixology I've started nosing around series I've been meaning to get into.  Here are my notes on Madman's chronology, and the corresponding links from Comixology.  (Posted here so that as I buy/read my way through them I have a handy reference to see what's next).

I pulled the publication history from Wikipedia and included links and prices (as of today).  I've changed their order somewhat for easier volume grouping.  I've underlined the ones I moved temporally.

Creatures of the Id one-shot (Caliber Press). Black and white. October 1990.
This story is listed as "Madman: For the Record" 99 cents.
Madman #1-3 (Tundra Publishing). Black, white and blue. 1992.
Madman Adventures #1-3 (Tundra Publishing). Full color. 1992–1993.
Both of these are in Madman: Volume 1. $11.99
Madman Comics #1-20 (Dark Horse Comics). Full color. 1994–2000.
Issues 1-11 are in Madman: Volume 2. $11.99 
Issues 12-20 (as well as the Super Groovy Special below) are in Madman: Volume 3, $11.99
Madman King-size Super Groovy Special (Oni Press). Full color. July 2003.
In Madman Volume 3 (linked above) 
Savage Dragon #83-85 (Image Comics). Full color. 2001
If you're a completionist here they are: 83, 84 and 85. $1.99 apiece.
Madman Picture Exhibition #1-4 (AAA Pop Comics). Full color. 2002.
This plus some new material in: Madman: 20th Anniversary Monster, $11.99
The Atomics #1-15 (AAA Pop Comics). Full color. 2000–2001.
It Girl one-shot (Oni Press). Full color. May 2002.
Spaceman one-shot (Oni Press). Full color. July 2002.
Mr. Gum one-shot (Oni Press). Full color. April 2003.
Madman Atomic Comics #1-17 (Image Comics). Full color. 2007–2009.

All of these listed from The Atomics to Madman Atomic Comics are in the Madman: Atomica! collections (follow the links to see what's in which volume):
Madman: Atomica! Part 1, $10.99
Madman: Atomica! Part 2, $10.99
Madman: Atomica! Part 3, $10.99
All New Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! (Image Comics). Full color. April 2011.

Right here, $5.99
What's missing?  A few titles, mostly crossovers:
  • Grafik Muzik #1-4 (Caliber Press). Full color in #1-2; black and white in #3-4. 1990–1991.
  • Superman/Madman #1-3 (DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics). Full color. 1997.
  • Nexus Meets Madman one-shot (Dark Horse Comics). Full color. 1996.
  • Madman/The Jam #1-2 (Dark Horse Comics). Full color. 1998.

So there you have it, the vast majority of the Madman universe for about $94.  Oh wait, there's more!  I almost forgot the spin-off series, It Girl and the Atomics.  12 issues in two volumes (one - $9.99 and two - $14.99).  This takes the total to about $119.  It is a good sized run though, and man that artwork is just amazing.  Don't let the covers fool you, the art inside It Girl and the Atomics is of a different style.  It's more contemporary, but still very good.

I'll probably work my through at my own pace, buying as I go.  Of course, if there's an Image-wide sale I may have to snag them all at once.

Til then,


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