Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cup-holder Fail

I was in a minor car accident a while ago.  Had a rental car for almost a month while mine was in the shop.  Guess what I learned?
I learned that this is NOT a cup-holder, it's a practical joke.  See the super-cool design, how the two holes are joined?  Maybe you can guess what happens if you use it to hold one of these:

 (Free advertising for QT unintentional)

Can you guess what happens?  Well, if the car is in motion and stops, the cup tips forward.  Put it in the front holder, and it tips backwards as you accelerate.

Hahahahah!!!  Snap! you got me again, Ford!  What a cool company, introducing new designs to further engage your customers via pranks.

And this wasn't even a fast car, it's not like I was gunning it and that's why my drink spilled.  This was a rental Focus, a Focus that I can only assume had some kind of limiter.  I've driven some shitboxes in my day, but nothing so slow to accelerate as this Focus was.

Luckily my car has since come out of the shop.  Its cup holders follow that antiquated closed circle design that keeps your drinks from spilling all over the interior of your car.  Call me old fashioned...


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