Friday, October 25, 2013

Bad Preview

Does anyone else have problems with Blogger's preview function is?  First, it doesn't always work depending on your template.  I was trying it out on a blogger supplied template and it was only showing the main page of the blog, and only occasionally would the post I wanted to preview roll down from the top of the screen.

That's not it.  The biggest issue is the inability to click links in a preview.  When I had a Wordpress blog, I'd open up a preview and click on every link just to make sure I didn't make any typos or link to the wrong page.  It's an old habit and a good one, I think, but it doesn't work with Blogger.

That is all,


PS - I also hate that when I search for blogger workarounds, Google brings me results for blogs in general, results that can't help me at all.  Almost as frustrating as Google's old habit of assuming I meant "outline" (and occasionally "outlier") when I typed "outliner".

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