Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Having a Cat

I haven't had a cat for years.  Just the same, as I'm sitting her in this mostly unfamiliar place, with it's strange noises at all hours of the day and night, I'm reminded of one of the best reasons to have a cat.

It's because any if you hear an odd noise at night, you can just shrug it off as your cat messing around in another room and go back to sleep.  If your cat happens to be laying on your bed at the time you can still shrug it off, because your cat probably has a better danger sense than you.  If it isn't perked up and staring at the direction of the noise, it's probably nothing of import.

Apparently my upstairs neighbors are having work done, or else someone has been locked in the closet and are trying to alternatively tap and hacksaw their way out.  I saw an air conditioning van in the parking lot, so I'll assume it's the former.


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