Thursday, October 31, 2013

Google is Getting Problematic

First off, let me say that my previous post about dropping Google Drive is mostly due to it's lack of Linux support. It's true I have a few issues with the service, such as it's insisting to convert documents in it's web interface, and being unable to even edit text files in-browser without converting them.  My biggest problem though is that it's sync isn't truly cross platform.

They've now introduced a new account sign-in page.  It sucks.  It saves all of the user names logged in with automatically, even if you un-check "stay signed in".  That means if someone logs into their email from your computer, then their account is listed on your sign in page (it can be easily removed, but it's a nuisance).  I have to juggle a few Google accounts for work, and I don't want any of them being displayed on my computer.  I don't want someone who's checking something on my computer to even know what the work accounts are, as that could compromise their security (and get me in trouble).

To remove a user name from the sign-in page: once you have logged out, your most recent user name is filled in with the password field blank.  You have to click on "Sign in with a different account", then click "Remove," then click on the "x" next to the account you don't want to be displayed on your computer.  You have to do this every time you use that user name.  To be honest, I don't want any of them to be perpetually displayed.

There's an easy solution here.  Let users specify by account whether or not I want it saved on the sign-in page. I would disable all of them, honestly, but it's still a simple and elegant solution that should meet everyone's needs.


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